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Learn Preact

Have you ever wondered what Preact is all about, or how it works?

Maybe you've been creating awesome websites using WordPress, designing graphics with D3, or building helpful interactive forms with jQuery. At some point, the JavaScript you've written became complex enough that it was difficult to manage - remembering which file controls part of a page, or debugging an interaction between two plugins trying to enhance the same element.

Perhaps you've come across Preact at some point, and wondered what's so special about it? Why do high-traffic sites like IKEA, Bing, Etsy and others use Preact?

The simplest answer is that Preact provides the tools needed to construct complex web applications out of small reusable pieces called Components. What makes Preact unique is that it provides these tools in a uniquely small package: just 3kb of JavaScript code, or around one page of text.

If that sounds compelling to you, this tutorial is a great place to start. You'll learn not only how to build applications using Preact, but also how Preact works under the hood. Each chapter contains an opportunity to test what you've learned, or use the Help button to see the answer.